Tuesday, 18 January 2022

That Last Bite

Food the most amazing and wonderful thing that god has provided us with. It is necessity of all the living beings in this universe. Not only it is needed for survival but for growth purpose also it is essential. It take alot of time to make a thing eatable. We are so lucky that we are surrounded by so many food items to eat. What happens when we don't get food a whole day? What if we had to sleep hungry for 2-3 or more days?

Maybe we will ask for food from family or friends. Maybe we will start making it on our own. Maybe will try arranging it from anywhere in any possible manner. We human beings are blessed with so many abilities that we can help ourselves to get the food. Have you ever thought how animals manage when they don't get food? How difficult is for them when they have sleepless hungry nights? Why do we care because we are humans not the animals.

Many of us would have heard animals shouting and crying in the middle of the night, what we usually do is hit them with a stick or stone or make them run away from our homes, So that we can have a comfortable sleep. Have you ever thought why they are shouting or why they are behaving like this? The answer is a big NO !!!! Why do we care!!! we just take our meals and go for sleep, we don't have time for humans then how can we care for animals. We have alot of other things to do. Animals won't help in earning our livings then why do we care about them.

Let's just stop here and give it a thought, Maybe they were shouting because they were hungry for the whole day or from the previous days. They didn't got something to eat and we did to them is kicked them away. I think we should stop this practice and should show some care towards animals as they can't speak like us so that they can convey their message to us. We should offer them something to eat, so that they don't have to run here and there in search for the food.

Let me advice a solution to this. I won't ask you to cook specially for them because then it will become a rich and poor or affordable and unaffordable kind of issue. Some will say we can't afford food for ourselves then how can we feed an animal and many other silly excuses. No!!! am not gonna ask you to do that. Just follow my simple advice below ⬇️

After we finish eating sometimes a little amount of food is left which we usually throw in dustbin. Don't throw that food away. Just keep it outside your house so that animals can feed themselves. Whenever you visit a restaurant a lot of food is wasted in the bins, get that stuff packed and offer it to the animals. Keep a bowl full of water outside your house and on your terrace, so that animals can drink water to beat the heat, whenever they need. They will never ask for freshly prepared food. They are satisfied very much with your left overs.

Don't waste food its precious as it take months and years to grow and some seconds to waste. Feed someone instead of wasting it. Respect the food and the food will still respect you no matter how you treat it.

Plz. DON'T waste FOOD!!!!!


Thank you.

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Sunday, 6 May 2018

What needs to be Changed..? The Clothes or the Thinking..?

She came to the temple wearing a suit ( suitable according to the place) his eyes were continuously following her and as she bends down to take the blessings of the God, her dupatta falls and his eyes shine in glory thinking of the ways to get her to his bed. Comm'on man its not his fault!! its the fault of her dress.If the dupatta had not fallen he wouldn't have thought about her that way.

She came to the market wearing jeans and top his eyes were again following her (he is a man and its his duty to check out every girl) while shopping she stretches to reach out for something, he got his chance as that's what he was waiting for because he got the chance to see that milky white waist and thinking of the million ways to have that flesh under his teeth. Again no no no!!! not his fault, it was the dress again, if it would have properly tucked in, I swear!! he would have never thought about her like this.

Now they both met at a party. He dressed well thinking he should look like a gentlemen but damn man there are some hot girls around you, how can the devil keep on sleeping and more over girls are wearing party dress, knee length and mini skirts. How come a man can take his eyes off them as checking out is obligatory. Those smooth legs, fleshy thighs and well maintained figure in that dress inviting him to take her to a lonely place where he have the freedom to do anything with her. Again you are getting him wrong haan!! again you are blaming it on him? Blame her dress that invites him to think about her that way.

And I was wandering that he was right. It was not his fault, the dress was too much revealing, that changed his mind. If the girls would have worn proper clothes, fully covered, then his intentions wouldn't have changed. I was also very much convinced that it was the fault of clothes, they definitely need a change.

And on one fine day on the streets, he met pardanashin ( lady wearing burqa, a muslim traditional dress). Fully covered no body part was visible. I thought this is a suitable dress a girl should wear, this time his thinking will not change as there was nothing visible, how can he think bad about her. Now I was happy that clothes should be changed. But wait! wait! wait! maybe her body was fully covered but feet were still visible and that was enough for his dirty mind to get upon her. Aah! It was disheartening. I was proven wrong. It was not the fault of the clothes.

I found clothes crying in a corner alone and I asked," why are you crying?' clothes replied, you don't trust us, It was never our mistake. And that day I realized that we humans always believe in lies with our eyes closed. Yes!!! the clothes were right it was not their fault. It was his thinking that was found guilty.

So, what to do now. How can we make it more clear that clothes were not at fault, so I replaced the girls behind those dresses with his sister/mother/daughter. Man!!! results were surprising, this time his thinking didn't change. He doesn't grown any bad intentions for her. How can he do so, as the girl wearing that dress was his own sister/mother/daughter, how can he think such unacceptable things for her. Now I was very much clear in my mind that clothes were not at the guilt.

Please always teach your male child to respect the female section. Covering the whole body is not the solution. Dress the way you feel like and are comfortable in girls. The thinking of the society especially males need to be altered not your clothes. Its not always about the type of clothes a girl wears, one should always try to behave properly and respect girls. They are not a piece of meat that you want snatch. Girls if you find someone staring at you like a hungry dog, Just hit him in the face or wherever you feel like. No matter what a female wears before growing bad intentions for a girl just give a thought to your mind, What if the same thing happens with your mother or sister or daughter?

So, I request to all, before blaming the clothes of a girl, Blame the thoughts that we carry in our mind. I have written what I feel like. Do leave your thoughts in comments section.

(Based on recent past incidents)

Thank You.

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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Let It Go..

There was a guy who used to care for the people no matter how badly they treat him or how much bad they did to him. He always kept calm thinking that, someday these people will understand his worth. The poor innocent guy never known of the fact that people will only understand your worth when they want to get something done from you. Sometimes he use to feel that people hates him from inside but never show it on his face. He always makes others happy in any possible manner. He was intelligent, hard working, fun loving and foodie. His friends always talk about him on his back and the boy knew it but never said anything to them as he don't want to ruin friendship as he already have a little, but its is rightly said 1 true friend is far more better than 1000's of cunning 1's. Unaware of this fact he kept on following them. doing whatever they ask him to do, helping them in all sorts but whenever he needs help everyone just step away. He kept on caring for those who never cared for him and lost his Self respect and Dignity

Everything that starts has to come to an end. There's always a point when the bucket starts to overflow and one has to either replace the bucket with a new one or has to turn off the tap. With the passage of time the guy finally understood that this is the time to change (It was not easy to move on when you have spent so much time with someone) but he decided to move on and decided to stay alone with a little amount of friends, focussing more on his family and his business. Now he is in such a situation that he is earning a handsome amount of money (compared to the times when he spends all his money on friends). Living very happily with his family and has a very little amount of friends (not like the other friends he used to have but the real one who might not be available in his happy times but are always by his side in his downs). He finally understood that never ever loose your self respect and dignity at the cost of saving a relationship who people don't worth because whoever want to stay in your life with you will always find a reason or will not give you a reason to leave them.

Its always a human tendency to run after the people who don't care. We keep on seeking attention of those people who don't even worth it and leave those people who care for us. While seeking attention of such people we end up hurting ourselves. Always remember one thing in your life care for those who care for you or the needy one's, whoever shows you ego, ignores you or leaves you for no reason, give them one chance to get back if they don't then you shouldn't.

Life has taught me that you can't control someone's loyalty. No matter how good you are to them, doesn't mean that they will treat you the same. No matter how much they mean to you, doesn't mean that they will value you the same. Sometimes the people you love the most, turn out to be people you can trust the least.  By - Trent Shelton

Never ever expect from the people, you will never get that what you have done for them. Always care for those who are worthy. Never kneel down and loose your self respect to save that relation that is not bound to happen because if some one wants to be in your life they will find a way and if someone don't want to then  LET IT GO the cold shouldn't bother you anyway.

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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Suicide..? Never an Option

In this growing age of tension and worries, we can see a whole lot problems arising like hypertension, depression, mental disorders and many more. Some of which leads to a person in such a situation that hampers thinking abilities of people and leave them all blank. They find themselves in such a situation that, they can't take decisions of their lives, unable to understand what is wrong and what is right. They cut off from the outer world and keep on pissing inside and blame themselves and they leave themselves with no option but to SUICIDE.

Take a look around you that how many of your friends, family or relatives might have committed the sin but do you think was that a right option? Was that the only option they left with? We just can't get to conclusion why they did so? Its a past thing and we can't change it. Maybe we can change our present for a better future. With this growing rate of suicides in the recent past one has to step up to bring it down, so that no person ends his/her lives and no families have to suffer.

People commit suicide for many reasons but some reasons are so silly that people are unable understand why did they do that? The most common reason for suicides are generally :- Love failure , Failure in studies, Tension to achieve higher percentage, Business loss, Parental pressure, Indulge in illegal activities, Higher expectations, Peer pressure and many more....

Now let's sort out ourselves and understand what to do if you find yourself in such kind of situations.

Love Failure

The most common reason for suicide in today's world is love failure and most commonly seen in the youth of the society generally school and college going kids. They commit themselves in such relationship promises that are generally not bound to happen. Both girls and boys keep on making promises that they are unable to fulfill and when these promises broke they take such kind of steps that are unacceptable. The most common victims in this are generally girls because they do take things very seriously.Now what to do if you find yourself in such a situation? Is there any way to get out of this situation? Well the answer is yes but depends on your will power. If you are willing everything is possible if not then there is no way out You are trapped.

Things to do when you find yourself in this situation:-
  • Sit down take a deep breathe and don't panic.
  • Try to forget everything and don't think about what happened in the past, just look forward build a strength to leave all behind.
  • Now just look at your parents face and imagine, from what they will go through seeing you dead. They never gave you birth to see this. The biggest pain in a father's life is to perform his child's last rituals.
  • Don't leave yourself ever alone because your loneliness will drive your evil brain to evil thoughts. Spend a whole lot of time with family, friends or animals (believe me animals can relieve your pain very fast).
  • Indulge yourself in activities that you find happiness in. Follow your passion, play games, read motivational blogs, read novels.
  • Keep a family photograph always with you as their happy faces will always give you motivation.
  • Don't think about the past ( I know its hard to forget as memories automatically flashes) just focus on your life goals and your family.
Always keep in mind that your parents have done a whole lot of sacrifices for you and the person you met in recent times has become more important to you than your family. Its not that person who taught you how to walk, how to drive cycle, paid your school/tuition fees, bear all your expenses, fulfilled all your dreams killing their owns. Just think of them and do something worthy that your parents should be proud of before you die.

I also have 2 real life based stories that followed the above steps and now living a happy life and are following their passion and are earning for themselves and their families, those will be posted someday soon.

Failure In Studies

Nowadays you will see a growing rate of committing suicides among the students. Every now and then you will find in the news that a student has committed suicide just because he scored less in examination. This is clear bullshit. People how can you even think of it, your future is not dependent on a single sheet of paper that is dumped every passing year. There is a whole lot of opportunities are waiting to be explored. Don't just waste your and your parents life by committing the sin.

Steps to follow to get out of the situation if trapped in:-
  • Take a deep breathe and don't worry about it, take it easy and focus.
  • Talk to your parents about it they will always be there to help you out.
  • Don't listen to anyone especially relatives, because their comments will always demoralize you.
  • Don't let your morale down, stay calm stay focused and work hard so that you could shut all those mouths that were against you.
  • Challenge yourself that this won't happen again.
  • Spend more time with family and friends and try to find happiness in all the small-2 things.
  • Indulge yourself in some worthy things like exercise, reading, writing etc., they will surely help you to recover.
Life is to precious don't waste it like this.Your mother has bear the pain for nine months, your father broke his back earning so that he can fulfill all your dreams, Maybe sometimes they might get angry on you or might even slap you but they do that only just to teach you a lesson and make you understand that how much they have been doing for you and you given only one duty that only you cannot perform well. So please don't take any kind of step that leaves your parents shattered.

Business Loss

Risk is the basic element of all the businesses running around the world. Risk is the factor that can earn you the returns or can even lead to shutting down the business. If sometimes you earn higher returns then there might be chances of occuring losses also. They are part of business and it will be beneficial if we keep that to the business only and not to mix it with the personal lives. Some people treat their personal and business life the same and then the problem arises. People tend to think after a loss that they are left with nothing and choose the wrong path ending up their lives. Losses are part of the business so one has to tackle with it smartly.

Things to follow if you are trapped in this kind of situation:-

  • Don't panic, losses are part of the business.
  • Careful study of problem is to be done as ending your lives will create more and more problems for your family and friends.
  • Talk to your elders and some experienced person they will help you to get out of the trauma.
  • Spend lot of time with your family, kids and friends.
  • Don't leave yourself alone, evil thoughts will start capturing your mindset.
  • Indulge yourself in some useful activities like exercise, yoga, sports, reading etc.
It is rightly said that till the time you have Hands, Legs and Mind working you can conquer the world. No battle is lost until you yourself give up. Its always your mindset that can take a person to the top or can bring a person down. So, always keep your mindset so strong that these thing should not bother you much.

Parents are also responsible in some cases so, I advice parents not to put pressure on their children, always make them understand things in simple and convinient way. Don't hover over child if he commits a mistake, just sit with your child talk polite, tell them the consequences of the mistake, make them understand the things better. Always keep a check on company of the child as they can mould a child's mind and behaviour. Always find a good bunch of people around you and STAY AWAY from the bad one's. A good company may not uplift you but the bad one will always lead you to your downfall in life. Good people will always help you in keeping your life stable. So choose your company wisely. 

Well there are many other reasons for which people commit suicide. Its my humble request for all the people to please stop such kind of practice as you give a shot and die once but your parents and family they die daily bearing all the pain and sorrow. Nobody can fulfill your place in your surroundings, Life is precious live it in such a way that you become an example for the others. Always encourage people to stay strong both emotionally and mentally. Never ever loose hope because there are a whole lot of opportunities waiting for you to grab. Every closing door leads you to a new opening. Always stay positive, don't just live for yourself live for others.It will give happiness not only to you but will be helpful in making your surroundings happy and prosperous.

So, don't end your life just like this, Do something big that people admire you for the way you lived your life before closing your eyes. You are a star, may be that wasn't your time that's why people were unable to spot you, have some courage and patience, believe me one day you will shine bright and people will notice you.

I hope that the above message won't go waste and people will understand their worth and we could build a better tomorrow.

Many of you will read this and close your browser window but its my request to share it with just 1 and ask them to share with 1. Let's join our hands to spread this message, so that no mother loose her son/daughter, no child loose his/her father/mother, no sister loose her brother and vice-versa and no group of friends have dull faces.

So Friends let's start a chain to build a better tomorrow.

1 Share = 1 Life saved

And by this we can save millions of lives.
Let's step towards a better future.

Thank you

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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Half A Heart

This is the story of the boy who loves a girl whole heartedly but the girl didn`t understood his feelings. This is not the regular stories that in the end says that the girls parents won`t accept the boy or his family or the girl loves someone else, Its different and to know what happens actually. Let me take you to the story. The characters of the story are N (male) P (female) (names changed due to privacy reasons)

First let me introduce you people to the characters of the story,only a brief description

N:- The ever charming guy. Always smiling face in all the situations and conditions was his USP. The worry free guy who never panics in whatever situation of life he is in, very straight forward guy, who find happiness in small - 2 things. Respect for the elders, loves the younger and limelight of his group, not only he himself remains happy and also spreads the happiness all around (special talent that lonely from inside possess). Support for parents and obeys them fully. Never cheated on anyone, is a perfect personality.No matter who you are and from where you belong to life takes a toll of each and every person.

P:- The girl shy infront of others, studious, loves her family, respects her parents, loves to remain happy. She is also a kind of one man women. Spreads happiness when she`s around. The rooms are filled by her charm when she arrives. Respects her elders, loves her younger more importantly understands the value of humans. She is a kind of girl for whom her parents were everything, she can never ever think of going against her parents. She is the kind of girl you get luckily. Its very hard to find girl like her.

Now coming on to the story,

This story also starts with two souls meeting at a family function. It was a wedding, all set up all the rituals were going on smoothly, and all of sudden N notices the existence of P and as soon as N sees her he made sure to approach her to be his friend. Family wedding all were busy in their work and you get the freedom and you have a million of ways to approach a girl. So N decided to approach her and talk to her to be her friend (the basic thing every guy does) and some how he managed to get her contact no.(no no no i am not going to mention that here).

The wedding was over all went back to their respectative places.N and P started texting each other on regular basis. The texts were going longer and longer with each passing day. Then texting was shifted to calls that used to long and how come we can forget about the birthdays. N was crazy and always excited about her birthdays. He always wanted to make her special day more special, so he drives across hundred of kilometers just to make her feel special just because he have some special feelings for her. N once thought of proposing P but somehow dropped the idea in fear of loosing the friendship too. Now calls were getting longer then usual P also starts developing some feelings for her, can be understood by her way of talking( kindly have faith in me as I cant mention the whole conversation here). N sensed that and both were shy and had fear in their minds of loosing the friendship too.

Now with the increase in their daily conversations N decided to take a bold step and thought of proposing her and on one fine day N proposed P and P didn`t reacted normally girls do in these situations (parents won't allow, i have a boyfriend, my parents will find a suitable match as this was not the case) because there was something else going in her mind. She didn`t responded to N instead she left. Convos. started to shorten up. Everytime N ask about her answer she just hungs up the phone. After some days N was able to convince her to talk her out and she confessed she has feeling for N, so N asked whats the problem then why are you not saying yes, I will never ever leave you, you say yes today, the very next day my parents will be at your place to complete the further proceedings but she again hung up the phone without saying anything. After some days again N asked why you not sayin yes, whats the reason? Don't you like me?

P:- I don't have any reasons i like you but don't want to marry you.

These comments from her shattered the him and the smile from his face was lost. It is rightly said that when problems attack they leave you squared. P refused him on no grounds, Friends started to leave him, Grudges with parents. The ever talking person now don't utter a single word.

N didn't do anything wrong. He respects her decision and left himself all alone bearing all the pain. Now occasionly they communicate but the ways have have changed that crunch is missing in their conversation. Although N have recovered from that phase but still somewhere down inside his heart he is pissing.

Now N feels that he is HALF A HEART without P.

(Based on a real life story)

Friends don't just read it but share with your friends and leave a comment below for P so that she gets convinced and give the guy his HALF A HEART back.

Hope you guys will like it and help N to get to his love of life.

Thank you

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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Worried...? Let's sort it out

Life people say its too short but for me its very long, we ourselves are making it short. Life gives us alot of things to enjoy but we end up gathering all the tensions and the worries. We have forgotten the actual meaning of LIFE.
LIFE itself stands for
In this overcrowded and money minded universe, the race to earn more and more money by hook or by crook is misleading us to some other way. Its not the path that one has to be on because of which we have forgotton our family, friends, culture, ethics and values. Today man is working like machines to earn more and more money. Human is jealous of other humans in the urge to become superior from one another. In this process they end up having alot of tensions and worries in life. The more the money the more they are worried. People forget they have a family, friends and society to live with. With this run for money the human value is decreasing day by day.
Now the question arises how can we remove the worries and all the tensions from our lives?
Well I can help you a bit.
Worries won't go by themselves instead they keep on multiply. Well to remove them from your life just keep the things simple. Don't complicate the things, always stay positive, always find happiness in small - 2 things because these small things will definitely fill your life with alot of happiness. Don't just run after money, don't be a money minded person from whom everyone starts running away. Always spend some time with your family, friends, relatives, go for some outings, daily exercise or yoga, indulge in some sport.
Take some time for yourself, sit down, take a deep breathe, look into yourself, ask yourself why am worried or tensed, analyse yourself and see are you happy with the kind of activities you are doing. Maybe you are earning a whole lot of money but does that money is enough to buy you happiness? Your anwer will be no because when you will be in your 70s or 80s you will some day realise you lost all the precious moments you would have enjoyed in your life because you chose money over happiness.
Never ever get worried of anything let the things come to you, stay positive and accept the things open handedly. Try to find happiness in each and every situation of life. In whatever situation you are never loose the hope that this is the end instead say I am ready for a new beginning.
Make your life large so that you can become a living example for the people around you and they also gets motivated just by looking at you and start living in a new way because no machine will stand for you or help you or can console you, you only need human for that because only a human can understand a human. Let's make this world a worry free and lovely place that whenever we need help we don't have to find a hand for help instead we have to choose from alot

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Friday, 3 July 2015


Friendship the most beautiful thing in life. Friends the most wonderful gifts of god. Everything in life is easy when they are around. They provide us the strength to tackle each and every problem of life. There are alot of things which can not be discussed with the family but those can be discussed with the friends, who come up with their silly solutions which helps in either forgetting the problem or provides the strength to face them.
Life without friends is miserable as friends are the pillars of life. We can share our problems with them, can have lengthy convos., do teasing, make fun, can cry on their shoulder whenever needed. Friendship should be pure. There is no place for selfishness in friendship. For a friendship that last long there must be no place for evil things like selfishness, ego, hatered. Friends are the necessities of life, infact there is no life without friends. Standing alone in a crowded place where people are enjoying their lives with their friends but we are just standing alone sad, looking at the faces of people enjoying their lives. Parents helps us in providing information about survival whereas friends helps us to understand the actual true meaning of life.

Your life is incomplete if you don't have friends. They helps in releasing of the tension and also helpful in understanding the things. When you grow up and look back into your life money and respect or other aspects of life never brings the smile on your face but its the friends and memories we created and lived with our friends are always remembered and are very much responsible to bring the smile on our faces. So please never ever loose your friends just because of the silly things like ego, hatered, and selfishness because in the end they will matter the most...

Start getting in touch with the old ones with whom you are no longer in touch. To make it easy i am suggesting you a tip..

Make a list of all the friends you don't talk to anymore
Write the reason why you dont talk in front of their names
Review the reason

Now you will laugh at yourself that how silly was you that you broke up just because of such silly reason. Now start contacting them and feel sorry for being so silly..

I promise that you will see a drastic change in your life


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